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Privacy Policy

Our firm will comply with the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations and the following Privacy Policy.

  1. Acquiring of Personal Information
    We will acquire personal information in the scope and manner necessary for the purposes set forth below.
  2. Purposes of Use for Personal Information
    We will use the personal information that we have acquired for one or more of the following purposes. Except where permitted under the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws, an individual°«s personal information will not be used for any purpose outside of those listed below without such individual°«s prior consent.
    • conducting legal services;
    • sending, mailing or transmission of our greeting cards, announcements or the like, and providing other information related to legal services;
    • Responding to inquiries; and
    • Any other purposes incidental to the above.
  3. Providing of Personal Information to Third Parties
    We will not provide an individual°«s personal information to third parties unless such individual°«s prior consent is obtained or required by applicable laws or regulations.
  4. Safekeeping of Personal Information
    We will handle personal information in an appropriate manner and take necessary measures to prevent the disclosure or loss of, and/or damage to, any personal information in our custody, through the implementation of internal operational procedures and the instruction of our staff.
  5. Requests for Disclosure, Correction and Discontinuation of Use or other Treatment of Personal Information
    Upon request by an individual whose personal information we hold for disclosure, correction or discontinuation of our use, we will promptly address such request in good faith in accordance with the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information after first confirming that such request is from such individual.

This Privacy Policy may be amended as required.