Mamiya Law Offices



Mamiya Law Offices offers legal services in a variety of areas, including M&A, corporate restructuring and reorganization, regulatory compliance, joint venture, franchise, intellectual property, labor and employment, private equity and capital markets, cross-border lease and loan financing, litigation, international arbitration, provisional and enforcement measures, and other forms of dispute resolution. Our clients include a wide array of domestic and international organizations, including trading companies, financial institutions, department stores, software developers, IT, food and beverage, and transportation companies.


Our firm provides precise and timely advice concerning the various legal issues which arise in day-to-day business activities. Our corporate services span a wide range of fields. Details for a number of specific fields are provided below:

Dispute Resolution

Mamiya Law Offices offers a wide range of services pertaining to litigation, various types of civil and commercial provisional procedures, arbitration and other dispute resolution. We not only handle disputes in Japan, but also provide prompt and precise legal advice concerning international disputes through close affiliation with overseas law firms. Our litigation and dispute resolution services span a wide range of areas. The types of disputes which our attorneys have recently handled include:

Intellectual Property Rights°¶IT

Mamiya Law Offices provides services for advising on and drafting of agreements relating to dispute matters arising in connection with patent, copyright, trademark, and other types of intellectual property rights (including arbitrations before the World Intellectual Property Organization, Japan Commercial Arbitration Association, and other organizations), dispute matters relating to rights arising under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (including injunctions and other filings under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act), license agreements relating to various intellectual property rights and software license agreements.
°°In addition to the above services, we also provide legal analysis, drafting of and advising on agreements and other documents related to e-commerce structures, internet issues and other IT-related issues.


Mamiya Law Offices provides various services including legal analysis, advice, and drafting of agreements relating to the structuring and formation of investment funds, advising on and drafting of agreements relating to loans, international leases, swaps and options, and other derivative transactions, advising on compliance issues relating to the financial instrument and exchange law, banking law, money lending business law, trust business law (including regulations imposed by a variety of guidelines), and other financial service related matters.


Mamiya Law Offices provides a full range of legal services related to insolvency and business restructuring, including corporate bankruptcy proceedings, special liquidation proceedings, business rehabilitation proceedings (including those utilizing out-of-court liquidation proceedings) , and applications under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law and the Civil Rehabilitation Law.